The journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur or business owner is not always easy.

Sometimes, it can be fun and exciting but most times it can be overwhelming and challenging.

To succeed faster as an entrepreneur, you need to seek advice from people who have achieved what you desire or camp around like-minded individuals that can help you get to where you are going faster!

And for you to do that, you need to follow active entrepreneur and small business forums in other to avert common mistakes and achieve success faster.

Are you ready to jumpstart your entrepreneurship career the right way?

If Yes, let’s dive right in…

1. Startup Nation

StartupNation is an online community of like-minded entrepreneurs that engage in active group discussion, sharing tips and valuable advice to help their members kickstart their entrepreneurship journey the right way.

With over 85,000 members and well-partitioned categories, the community has what it takes to help position you for success while starting your business.

Best startup business forums

2. Small Business

Small Business Forums is exactly what the name implies — a place where small business owners converge to learn how to grow their businesses and become profitable.

That is, you are not only learning how to grow your business but also making money while doing so.

This forum provides a section where you can offer your services to fellow business owners or find professionals to help you with your basic business needs.


Such as copywriting, website design and development, social media marketing and advertising, business consulting, provision of secure and unsecured loans for small to medium size businesses and other services.

3. reddit

reddit is not just a never-ending of the internet cutest animals or breaking news.

The best part about reddit is that it has a community on anything you could think of right now.


Top Business Forums

Based on the context of this post we will be focussing on just 3 communities on Reddit that will be of high value to you and your business

4. Quora

Quora is more like a question and answer platform, just like reddit but much more focus and sophisticated.

I found out that quora are filled with many more industry experts ready to answers your questions than reddit.

By asking and answering questions on quora you can be able to network with other people in your industry that can help grow your business successfully.


Top Enterpreneur business forum

5. Digital Point

Digital Point is more like a niche focussed forum for Internet marketing entrepreneurs.

The topics covered in this forum are mostly search engines, business & marketing, design, and development.


Active Entrepreneur and small business forums

Just like Small Business Forums, they also provide an opportunity where entrepreneurs can buy, sell, and trade their services and business.

6.  Biz Warriors

With just 4k plus members, Biz Warrior members have proven to be devoted to helping each other succeed in business.

One of the things that draws my attention is a good resource center where you can access all the information you need in planning your business, starting your business, and financing your business.


Active Entrepreneur and Business Forums

If you are just starting out on your entrepreneurship journey I suggest you check them out as there are a good amount of resources to help skyrocket your progress.

They also offer topics comprising of marketing, technology, business growth, and investing.


7. Business Advice Forum(BAF)

This is an amazing business advice forum for entrepreneurs who are not just seeking for business ideas and growth strategy but also a great way to manage and protect their business.

Just like every other forum we have discussed having the marketing and technical categories, BAF has a business help category comprising of legal, HR, taxes and accounting sections.


Business advice forum

This is highly valuable as it will help you to better grow and manage your business.

8. Small Business Computing and eCommerce Forum  

Whether you’re interested in how to protect your business against data loss,  security issues or promote your small business across the web, this is the place to ask your fellow small business owners on the approach that works best for them so that you can replicate it in your business.

This is a smart safer way to leverage what is already working for other people to grow your business. No need reinventing the wheels.


They also provide amazing support to eCommerce businesses. You can get answers on almost everything you need to run a successful eCommerce business, from choosing a product, shipping, promoting and managing inventory.

ecommerce business forum

9. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is a platform that professionals mostly use to manage, build and engage their professional network.

LinkedIn Group is a place where you can gain knowledge, insights, and opportunities that will help to grow and manage your business.

Join a group in your industry to gain access to the latest trends and opportunities.

linkedin business groups


10. Warrior Forum

Warrior forum is arguably the world’s largest internet marketing community and marketplace.

Taking a look at their forum topics you will be convinced that Warrior forum is specifically for internet-based businesses.


Best internet marketing forum

But that doesn’t mean that other entrepreneurs won’t benefit from the valuable tips and insights shared on the forum by experts on how to grow businesses using internet marketing.

They also offer great deals on internet marketing products, services, and other offers.

Whether you are an internet based entrepreneur or not, warrior forum has something to offer you.



Forums are a good way to avert the most common mistakes at the early stage of your entrepreneurship career.

Not only will you learn “what not to do” and “what to do” while starting up your business, but you also get the support of like-minded people at any stage of your business.

I know it might be hard for you to follow up with all these forums, so I advise that you take a good look at all the forums mentioned here and choose at least 3 to follow-up with.

So let me know what you think about these forums mentioned here and also, if you belong to any active entrepreneur and small business forums that I forgot to mention here please let me know in the comment section.

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